Brow Shape & Style Classes

Choose a weekly 1 on 1 class at the studio or online classes that includes perks!


Weekly Class

Learn to shape and style eyebrows using products you already have.

If you are attending the Saturday in-person class, you will receive 1 free product.
Pay per class. Non-membership. 

Silver Membership

Take your skills up a notch with this monthly membership that includes free eyebrow products from Ah-Shi Beauty and more brands that are used for the demos.

Gold Membership

You've mastered the skills but want to learn more. Choose to attend any of the weekly classes, get 1 on 1 help, FREE eyebrow products from Ah-Shi Beauty, LAMIK Beauty, our brand of brow tools,  and more that we use the atelier and in the classes.

If you live international, please note that there is an additional fee for non-domestic shipping.