Beauty Bakerie Cassava (Yellow) Setting Powder

Beauty Bakerie Cassava (Yellow) Setting Powder

Beauty Bakerie has a lot of great products and this baking powder is A++ for not only setting your makeup but setting your brows before product application and after application.

Shop this product on Amazon or if you are a client of C & E Atelier, order it from us and pick it up from the studio. 

Please note there is a $1 processing fee for each product. 



  • Swivel a fluffy eyeshadow brush into the setting powder and tap the age of the container to remove access
  • In a windshield wiper motion, apply it swiftly to the eyebrow area
  • Apply eyebrow products such as a pen, pomade, or brow pencil to the area. Use a spoolie to blend or erase imperfections
  • Once the brows are in the style desired, use the same fluffy eyeshadow brush to gently swipe the remaining powder on your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Do not swipe back and forth or the style will be disturbed. 


By using this powder specifically on your eyebrows, your style and the product longevity will increase to 3x as long.


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