Candy Brow Bar Eyelash & Eyebrow (Black)

Candy Brow Bar Eyelash & Eyebrow (Black)

Candy Brow Bar Tint: A castor oil-infused eyebrow tint, promoting natural hair growth formulated specifically for eyebrow hair. In some cases, skin staining can occur.

Shop this on AMAZON or if you a client of C & E Atelier, we will order it for you and you can pick it up from the studio.

Please note we do charge a $1 processing fee for each product.




Cleanse eyebrows thoroughly with Candy Brow Bar Cleansing Wipe. Do not use makeup remover wipes or make-up remover.
Mix (a pea-size) equal portions of Candy Brow Bar Tint

  • (STEP 1) and Candy Brow Bar Developer
  • (STEP 2) until the consistency is a creamy paste. Apply creamy tint mixture to both eyebrows, be careful not to place tint in areas you do not want to be colored. If this happens remove the product with Candy Brow Bar Blending Wipe immediately. We recommend you allow the tint to process 7 – 20 minutes, not exceeding 20 minutes. The longer the Candy Brow Bar Tint processes the darker the result. Gently remove all product from the eyebrow area with Candy Brow Bar Cleansing Wipe
  • (STEP 3) If results are not as dark as you would like you can now repeat the process with a non-processed tint, immediately. Use the Candy Brow Bar Blending Wipe
  • (STEP 4) To lighten areas in front of the brow for our signature natural brow look.


Please do not reuse and discard all leftover or processed tint when finished.


In case of eye contact: immediately rinse the eye thoroughly with water. For continued discomfort contact your local physician.
You can resume all daily activities immediately. Any water or moist contact will not cause smearing or dripping. We recommend washing around the eyebrow area, avoid scrubbing.

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