There is always something new on the horizon and you've got to get your hands on them. Start with the EXCLUSIVE Pro Brow Palette! This palette has LIMITED QUANTITIES. Comes in 6 different matte shades, 2 in each palette, and has a surprise in each palette!

Be sure to purchases more products to keep yourself looking BROW READY all year long.

Product available at the studio and online. 

Eyebrow Products

Keep your brows Iooking flawless without microblading by using some of our favorite styling products. 


How To Use
Pro Brow Palette

If you are a visual learner then this easy tutorial will help you. 

  • Brush up brows with spoolie

  • Use an angled brush to apply the product with light pressure

  • Start underneath at the tail then towards the middle

  • Build arch and tail then lightly fill in

  • Flick through the front of the brow

  • Use wax on spoolie to set brow

  • Apply cream highlighter to emphasize the shape and lightly blend out

  • Done!


Skin Products

Get a healthy glow and clear skin with these conscious ingredients.


How To Use
Brow & Skin Toners

These toners are personal-sized and portable for refreshed skin any time. 

  • Small sizes for freshness

  • Made of actual fruit and floral waters from cucumbers and roses

  • Apply a small amount on a cotton round

  • Gently wipe the face and brow area to remove dirt and bacteria

  • Use after washing your face and while on the go

  • Doesn't contain alcohol so the skin will be left soft, moisturized, and refreshed

  • Great on ALL skin types

  • Can also be used to set makeup be switching the top to a sprayer