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Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Device

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Device

Threading and waxing are semi-permanent solutions to removing that unwanted lip and chin. But this solution makes it so that that hair follicle is destroyed. With this IPL device, you can do it twice a month with or without hair visibly seen on the face. I recommend clients come in twice a month for face threading appointments at Cosmetics & Eyebrows Atelier.


This device is DIY, and easy to set up by simply charging, and following the settings for your skin complexion. This hair removal device is unisex. Men and women can also use it on their face, arms, legs, bikini area, chest, and back. Protective eyewhere, charger, and instructions come with the device.



Read Directions

Clean and exfoliate the area.

Plug device into power source and turn on.

Choose the intensity level.

Put on your protective glasses.

Put the device, laser side down, vertically again skin then press button to make a flash.

6. Continue until the section is complete.

Turn off the device, wipe down with an alcohol wipe of 70% isopropyl alcohol, let air dry then store in a dry, cool place away from water. Clean after each use. NEVER CLEAN THE DEVICE WITH SOAP AND WATER.

  • FAQs

    How many intense light flashes does it go up to? Up to 999,999 flashes. 

    Why should I wear protective eyewear made for IPL treatments: The flashes can damage your eyes and can permanently damage your eyesight. 

    How often can I give myself treatments? Once every 2 weeks. No more than twice a month. 

    Do I need to have hair or be freshly threaded or waxed? You can do either but I suggest having 1 week of hair growth. 

    What if I don't see results within a month? You need to give it 3 months to see the difference in hair removal. Do not rush it. Always follow the directions. 


    Please know all sales are final. If the device isn't working to your liking, don't hesitate to contact Cosmetics & Eyebrows Atelier. The owner, SL Thomas, will walk you through the device's intended use and the many other ways the product can be used.

    There are no exchanges or refunds on cosmetic items due to hygienic, safety, and sanitation purposes.

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