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DUPED: Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Freeze Gel is a Copycat of Ulta's Brow Lift Laminating Gel!!!

Product Testing: I put the NEW 2024 Brow Freeze Gel up against the original Brow Lift Laminating Gel and holy sh*t, it's the same thing but with a small difference.

I'm a sucker for trying ABH's products, well any brand's eyebrow products or tools and this one didn't sit right with me. Let me tell you the why.

abh duped ulta's eyebrow product
Brow Freeze Gel vs Brow Lift Laminating Gel

For those of you new here, my name is SL Thomas and I am the solo owner and operator of Cosmetics & Eyebrows Atelier and the creator of Eyebrows Chat. Eyebrows Chat is a series that I created in 2021 to try eyebrow products and tools so you do not have to. This series is filmed Sundays at 1:30 pm CST on IG Live and replayed on YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. In this series, I talk about brow products and tools, interview the brand owners, and give my professional insight. Now enough blabbering on my end, let me give you the tea on this Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) team duping Ulta Beauty's original product "Brow Lift Laminating Gel".

OMG! Something Seems Familiar: My first impressions.

The moment I saw that a "new" eyebrows product was being launched by ABH but only in Sephora. I was like, hmmm... that's crazy considering their products are also sold in Ulta Beauty. Then I saw it and thought to myself, 'that looks oddly familiar'. Then it clicked in my head - THAT IS THE SAME PRODUCT THAT ULTA HAS.

The clear color

The consistency

The tube

and even the bristles on the wand.

I had a tear in my eye because ABH is known for being game changer with the brows and a leader, but this was a follower move. It was a move that said to me, well they have one that no one has mentioned, let me see if I can dupe it, increase the price, add a cute product box, and call it a Brow Freeze Gel since everyone already loves the Brow Freeze product.

I finally got it from Sephora: I put it to the test against the original.

After trying to get my hands on this product a week and a half after it launched and my local Sephora. I was so happy. On Sunday, I filmed the episode of Eyebrows Chat click here to watch and put it up against the original. I wasn't wrong. The formal was the a replica. Kudos to your chemist who could recreate it because WOW! That was great. The only difference was the brush.

The Brush

Ulta's silicone brush had one side for smoothing and the other side was orange and the bristles were smaller and the tip and gradually decreased in size.

ABH's brush was blade and had 3 sides; one for smoothing, the second side for smaller bristles, and the third side for larger bristles.

I really liked ABH"s brush because if someone has coarse hair, they can easily use the larger side bristles, then flip on the other side for more sculpting.

review of the brow freeze gel vs brow lift laminating gel
review of the brow freeze gel vs brow lift laminating gel

It's the same thing: Pros and cons of both.

Both of these products are tacky so don't apply with your finger after you applied it with the brush.

Ulta's version dries quick, while ABH's dries amount 15 seconds slower.

When both of these products dry, your eyebrows DO NO MOVE. They are stuck and can only be removed with soap and water.

Amazing holding time for both. I wore these eyebrows for 10 hours. They were not moving.

The Final Score

The final score for both of these are an 8 out of 10. They receive the same score because everything is pretty much the same about them. I'd love to score ABH lower for lack of originality starting with the formula to the brush, the tube and to only releasing it in Sephora and not even in Ulta.

As a professional in the beauty industry for 16 years, there are a lot of dupes that happen so it's no surprise there. I personally had brand that I sold my Brow Growth & Skin Repair Serum to dupe it and sell it to their clients. It's sad, but that also goes to show that some brands may be all out of ideas so why not improve where they see fit.

Thank for reading the wrap up of this Sunday's Eyebrows Chat episode. I invite you to leave a comment, and share your experience if they've used these 2 products before.

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